Review: The Machine Girl

Ami and her Machine Gun

Ami is a girl with many problems. Her brother has been killed by a Yakuza’s son, her hand has been cut off by the Yakuza father, and her path of revenge has become a very bloody path indeed.

The amount of blood used in this film is outrageous and borders on ludicrous. There are fountains and puddles and lakes of blood. The soul purpose of this film is to depict all the various ways to die a bloody death. There are decapitations, dismemberment, slit throats, skulls split open, you get the point. And the weapons are quite over-the-top and comical as well. The main attraction is a machine gun in place of Ami’s amputated hand, but this feature also includes a chainsaw in place of a foot, a flying guillotine, and a drill bra. That’s right, a drill bra.

Machine GirlThe low budget of The Machine Girl could be seen as a detractor to its believability, but it didn’t bother me. It almost reminded me of old Herschell Gordon Lewis gore movies from the sixties. The gooey red corn syrup and organs made out of jello were just realistic enough to make one cringe.

I guess the question you have to ask yourself is: am I in the mood for gore? If the answer is yes, then this is your movie. If the answer is no, then run far away.


2.5 fishbones out of 4


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  1. catlover Says:

    Meeeeowwww! Fsk Fsk

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