Coming Attraction: Capitalism: A Love Story


Click here to watch the trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story

I find Micheal Moore’s documentaries to be entertaining, but not all that informative. And I would never want to form any political opinions based on his work. He uses funny interviews and stunts to get his point across. In the trailer, he asks a Congressional Oversight Officer, “Where’s our money?” To which she simply replies: “I don’t know.”

I don’t mind Moore pointing out the alleged flaws within our society and government system, but I am hoping beyond all hope that he does not try to convince us that Capitalism is wrong or that there is a better system such as Socialism or Dictatorship. Unfortunately, I believe it is possible that Moore might take that extra step.

Although I disagree with Moore a lot of the time, and I believe he uses false arguments; I still think Capitalism: A Love Story will be entertaining and at least will get people to think and talk about the subjects he brings up. So this documentary receives a mildly high “three” on the Potential Meter.



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