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Movie News: Spider-Man 4 Gets a Release Date

September 20, 2009

spiderman webslinging

It looks like Spidey will be slinging and swinging back into theaters in 2011.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man 4 will be released to IMAX theaters and conventional theaters on May 5, 2011.

Two requests for Spider-Man director Sam Raimi:

  1. No scenes of Spidey crying, please. It’s called Spider-Man, not Spider-Woman.
  2. Only one villian per movie. Three villians or more make for a jumbled mess (cough*spiderman3*cough).

If I had one more request I would ask for more Bruce Campbell. Bruce had cameos in the other Spidey films, but it would be awesome if he could get a bigger part. I’ve been a big Campbell fan ever since I saw the Evil Dead trilogy.


Movie News: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Gets a Title and a Release Date

September 11, 2009

jack sparrow

According to our good friends at Cinematical, Pirates 4 will be released in summer 2011 and will be called Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This information was originally released at the Disney D23 Expo today.

It should be noted that there is a pirate-themed book called On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers. It hasn’t been revealed if there will be any connection between the movie and the book beyond the title.

I think it’s too early for a Potential Meter, but I’m hoping that Johnny Depp can bring something new to the movie, since the novelty of his “drunken hero” character has worn off.


Coming Attraction: A Serious Man

September 7, 2009

A Serious Man

Click here to watch the trailer for A Serious Man

It is not surprising that the Coen Bros., who are lauded for their originality, have one of the most original trailers released all year. You should see it for yourself, it’s quite alternative and unlike any trailer I’ve seen lately.

A Serious Man, set in 1967, involves professor Larry Gopnik and his struggles with family, marriage, work, and religion. The premise sounds scattered but the Coens have never been known for focused storytelling. Personally, I would rather see a crime-thriller from the Coens (Fargo, anyone?), but they have made more than there fair share of high quality comedies including The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, and Burn After Reading. Even their mediocre comedies are somewhat watchable (Raising Arizona, Intolerable Cruelty).

With such an original trailer, and with the Coens writing and directing, A Serious Man looks to be an interesting movie experience. I’ll give it a “three” on the Potential Meter.


Coming Attraction: The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

September 6, 2009

El Superbeasto

Click here to watch the trailer for The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Horror filmmaker/musician Rob Zombie brings us his animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. Based on the comic book of the same name (which Zombie wrote), El Superbeasto follows the crime-fighting exploits of a retired Mexican wrester and his sister, Suzi X.

The humor in the trailer is definitely raunchy, but it didn’t make me laugh, or even chuckle. And I’m sorry, but the animation and the characters in the trailer looks like their from a Saturday morning cartoon. I guess I just expected the artwork to be a little more artistic.

I usually like adult cartoons, especially Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Superjail, but this does not look funny or interesting. Since the trailer doesn’t look good, and Rob Zombie hasn’t exactly been releasing movie gold in the past few years, I’m going to give this a “one” on the Potential Meter.


Movie News: Smurfs Movie Gets a Poster

September 3, 2009

smurfsHere is a look at a computer generated smurf from the Smurfs movie due to be released in 2010. According to News In Film, where the poster image came from, the storyline is rumored to be about a young girl who recieves a doll that turns out to be a smurf.

I don’t think a reference to the famous Scarface line is really necessary. It’s not even funny. “Say Hello To Our Little Friend?” That’s about the least imaginitive thing that could be written.

The Smurfs is rumored to have John Lithgow lending his voice to the movie. I’m sorry but this just looks lame. I’m going to give it a low “one” on the Potential Meter. The rating might go up if a decent trailer comes out. But at this point, I’m guessing this is just going to be a lame kids movie a la Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Review: [REC]

September 2, 2009


A young TV reporter, Angela, and her cameraman, Pablo, cover the night shift at a fire station.  They cover the firemen eating in the cafeteria, playing basketball, and sleeping. For about the first fifteen minutes of the movie, you have no idea you’re watching a horror film.

Then the firemen get a call to help a woman who is trapped in her apartment with a mysterious illness. This is the first clue that something is amiss. Unfortunately that mysterious illness turns out to be an infectious virus that changes people into zombies. The sick woman bites a police officer who later becomes a zombie, and he bites others who then become zombies themselves,and soon the whole apartment building is just crawling with the undead.

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