Review: [REC]


A young TV reporter, Angela, and her cameraman, Pablo, cover the night shift at a fire station.  They cover the firemen eating in the cafeteria, playing basketball, and sleeping. For about the first fifteen minutes of the movie, you have no idea you’re watching a horror film.

Then the firemen get a call to help a woman who is trapped in her apartment with a mysterious illness. This is the first clue that something is amiss. Unfortunately that mysterious illness turns out to be an infectious virus that changes people into zombies. The sick woman bites a police officer who later becomes a zombie, and he bites others who then become zombies themselves,and soon the whole apartment building is just crawling with the undead.

[REC] is entirely shot from the point of view of Pablo’s handheld camera. This gimmick got a little tiring, because there was a lot of running upstairs and through the hallways and pretty soon I was exhausted from the extreme camera movement. But from this gimmick there also was a positive: there were no sub-plots, no flashbacks, or any of those unnecessary add-ons that can bog down a horror film. Instead, it was 90 minutes of a straightforward zombie story. To me, that is refreshing and rare.

Made in Spain and subtitled in Spanish, [REC] is a smart and thrilling zombie horror movie. The shadowed hallways and darkened rooms are menacing. There is a claustrophobic feeling of entrapment throughout. Even though the handheld camerawork was dizzifying, it did lend some overall believability to the movie.

Boy, did Angela pick the wrong night to follow a team of firefighters.

3 fishbones out of 4

3 fishbones out of 4


8 Responses to “Review: [REC]”

  1. maloryrebekah Says:

    3 fishbones? That’s pushing it. Maybe 2, if I were being generous. This movie was awful and very predictable. I knew the ending from the moment it started. But I guess I’m awesome like that.
    I don’t think Zombies could ever seem “refreshing” to me 😀

    • J. Marshall Teegarden Says:

      I didn’t mind the predictability of it. In fact, if there are too many twists and turns, it seems to be trying to hard, especially in a horror movie.
      The “refreshing” part was that there were no flashbacks or subplots or any of that gunk to get in the way of the story.

  2. maloryrebekah Says:

    Yes, I knew what you meant. But I still stand by my comment that any movie that has Zombies in it cannot be in any way refreshing!

    Unless the Smurf movie ended with all the Smurfs as Blue Smurfed-Zombies, of course.

    • J. Marshall Teegarden Says:

      Yeah, I guess I should have put a disclaimer that if you don’t like zombie movies, you probably won’t like [REC]

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