Movie News: Smurfs Movie Gets a Poster

smurfsHere is a look at a computer generated smurf from the Smurfs movie due to be released in 2010. According to News In Film, where the poster image came from, the storyline is rumored to be about a young girl who recieves a doll that turns out to be a smurf.

I don’t think a reference to the famous Scarface line is really necessary. It’s not even funny. “Say Hello To Our Little Friend?” That’s about the least imaginitive thing that could be written.

The Smurfs is rumored to have John Lithgow lending his voice to the movie. I’m sorry but this just looks lame. I’m going to give it a low “one” on the Potential Meter. The rating might go up if a decent trailer comes out. But at this point, I’m guessing this is just going to be a lame kids movie a la Alvin and the Chipmunks.



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2 Responses to “Movie News: Smurfs Movie Gets a Poster”

  1. maloryrebekah Says:

    I don’t even know what to say. I’ll just shake my head in disbelief. Hollywood is really running short of good ideas.

  2. J. Marshall Teegarden Says:

    You’re right, Hollywood is really running short of any original ideas. No children’s toy or children’s show is safe.

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