Movie News: Spider-Man 4 Gets a Release Date

spiderman webslinging

It looks like Spidey will be slinging and swinging back into theaters in 2011.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man 4 will be released to IMAX theaters and conventional theaters on May 5, 2011.

Two requests for Spider-Man director Sam Raimi:

  1. No scenes of Spidey crying, please. It’s called Spider-Man, not Spider-Woman.
  2. Only one villian per movie. Three villians or more make for a jumbled mess (cough*spiderman3*cough).

If I had one more request I would ask for more Bruce Campbell. Bruce had cameos in the other Spidey films, but it would be awesome if he could get a bigger part. I’ve been a big Campbell fan ever since I saw the Evil Dead trilogy.


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