Crazy Blogger Reveals Avatar’s Anti-gay Agenda

Over at the unintentionally hilarious blog,, the message is clear: Avatar needs to be stopped because of its anti-gay message. The reasons behind the crusade are obviously deluded, but they are displayed without any irony or sarcasm. In the blog’s first post, the anti-gay reasoning is laid out in an easy-to-read, numbered format:

1) Avatar assumes that the heterosexual, “male” and “female” attraction will still be the primary relationship basis in the future.

2) Avatar ignores the fact of Evolution. Humans are evolving to be being Transgender, NOT heterosexual,

3) Avatar also assumes that intelligent beings on other worlds would be hetrosexual.

The blogger, who goes by Lara, has a lot of facts wrong here. To rebut them is almost a waste of space (but what is space for if not for wasting?).

First of all, I will say that Lara is giving gay rights activists a bad name. Secondly, there is no scientific literature that says humans will be transgender 150+ years from now, in the year 2154, when the movie is set. Reproduction will still require males and females. Science won’t be able to replace those basic requirements, and evolution certainly won’t take us past those basic requirements. Evolution takes a lot longer than that.

In other posts, Lara complains that gays are not represented at all in the entire film of Avatar. This is true. However, there are no Eskimos represented throughout the film as well; and I don’t see any protesting from the Eskimos. Avatar has no obligation to represent all minorities, its only obligations are to entertain and to bring in money to the studio.

There is no indication that the stopavatar blog is a joke, but I do wonder if it might be a sly satire of the activists that complain about ridiculous things. I also wonder if it would be fun to create a blog about the under-representation of Eskimos in Hollywood.


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7 Responses to “Crazy Blogger Reveals Avatar’s Anti-gay Agenda”

  1. felsputzer Says:

    Anti-gay message? None found. She’s on crack. And I really wish to over-the-top activists weren’t able to publish crud like this while supposedly speaking for the rest of us. Sigh.

  2. maloryrebekah Says:

    I would like to see a blog on the lack of Eskimos in Hollywood.

    It’s ridiculous that someone would think that Evolution is going towards transgenders…I’m fairly certain that procreation will win out.

  3. Kdub Says:


  4. The Horny Chick Says:


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