Christmas Movie Trivia

Merry Christmas, movie lovers! I hope Santa brought you that remote control race car you really wanted. You know, the one that can flip over and still drive upside-down.

I guess this would be a good time to post some interesting Christmas movie factoids. So here are some little known facts about Christmas movies that are dear to my heart:

It’s A Wonderful Life
In the 1940’s, movie effects departments mostly used cornflakes painted white for the fake snow on the set. The flakes crunching on the set were so loud that it was impossible to record dialogue. RKO created a new chemical type of artificial snowflakes for use on It’s A Wonderful Life. Source

Ming Ming the elf, who briefly appeared in the beginning of the film, is played by Peter Billingsley, who starred as Ralphie in the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Story
For the scene in which Flick’s tongue sticks to the flagpole, a hidden suction tube was used to safely create the illusion that his tongue had frozen to the metal. Source

A Christmas Carol
Although the term “Scrooge” means a stingy person now, in Charles Dickens’ time, the word was a slang term meaning “to squeeze.” Source


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One Response to “Christmas Movie Trivia”

  1. Kdub Says:

    LOL about the newspaper headline

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