Coming Attraction: Inception

Click here to watch the trailer for Inception

Inception‘s trailer is tantalizingly mysterious. No plot is revealed, but it indicates that the movie has something to do with crimes that take place in a supernatural world where strange ideas come magically to fruition.

But the trailer doesn’t have the look and feel of a magical supernatural movie. In most of the trailer, it looks like a gritty crime/drama; and then there are a few shots of astonishing moments, like a city folding upon itself, or people running up the sides of walls.

A quick glance at the imdb page for Inception does not help much if you are trying to figure out the plot. The plot outline simply says: “A CEO-type becomes involved in a blackmailing scandal.” Not many answers there as to the supernatural stuff.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan are usually dependable for delivering good cinema. That, and the tantalizing trailer, make me believe that Inception will be a really good movie. I am going to give Inception a “4” on the Potential Meter.


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