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Coming Attraction: Morning Glory

May 29, 2010

Click here to watch the trailer for Morning Glory

In Morning Glory, a young beautiful television producer is having troubles with the aging co-hosts of a morning talkshow. Finally, there’s a movie we can all relate to.

Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, The Time Traveler’s Wife) stars as the spunky go-getter producer. Harrison Ford (Han Solo!) and Diane Keaton (Annie Hall!) star as the  feuding anchors who might be too much for their producer to handle. Boy, that spunky go-getter producer has some life lessons to learn!

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Remake Pile: May 2010

May 28, 2010

Logan’s Run

It looks like Warner Bros. has director Carl Erik Rinsch on board to direct the remake of the 1970’s Dystopian classic Logan’s Run. Rinsch has never directed a feature film before but has opened many eyes with his five minute short film, The Gift, which was made as a commercial for Phillips televisions. (Source)

Child’s Play

Brad Dourif, the original voice of Chucky, has signed on to reprise his role as the bloodthirsty doll. That is a good thing. Don Mancini, writer of the awesome 1988 chiller Child’s Play, and writer of all the crummy sequels, has signed on to write and direct. That is a bad thing. Mancini may have had a stroke of genius when he wrote the original Child’s Play,  but since then he has turned the  iconic evil toy into a 3  foot joke. If Mancini can have a major turnaround and get back to the basics, maybe this could be good. (Source)

Plan 9 From Outer Space

The film regarded as the worst movie ever made is getting a remake. The remake will simply be called Plan 9 and it has a teaser trailer on youtube. Plan 9 will be directed by indie filmmaker John Johnson. (Source)

Coming Attraction: Super 8

May 15, 2010

Click here to watch the trailer for Super 8

J. J. Abrams’ new project, Super 8, is being kept largely in the dark. In the age of the internet, you can read a movie’s script, watch the trailer as many times as you want, and know every actor that is in a movie, all before the movie even is released. But Super 8 is different. A quick glance at it’s IMDb page will show you that no actors are listed and the movie’s premise isn’t even known. An even quicker glance at google’s Super 8 results shows that no one else really knows what the premise is either.

The teaser trailer gives a few indications as to what the heck this is all about. A train that is carrying “material” from Area 51 is derailed, and “something” is banging on the door of a large freight train container, presumably trying to bust out. Is it an alien? Is it some government biological experiment? I guess we won’t know until it’s leaked onto the internet the movie comes out. All we know for now is that it is from Area 51, and it’s big and strong enough to do some major structural damage to a freight container from the inside.

Will you like the film? To find out, you’ll have to ask yourself these two questions: Do you like monster/horror/sci-fi films? Do you like the work of J. J. Abrams (writer of Lost and Alias, director of Star Trek, and producer/creator of Cloverfield)? Personally, I love horror/sci-fi, and I think Abrams is perfectly suited to deliver a thrilling mysterious alien movie. That is why I’m going to give Super 8 a 3.5 on the Potential Meter.

At the Movies Hosts Talk Horror

May 6, 2010

It’s refreshing to see good critics who have an appreciation for good horror. It irks me when people dismiss all horror films as junk. Every genre has lots of junky movies and some great movies. You just have to know how to keep a lookout for the good ones. You wouldn’t dismiss the entire comedy genre just because The 41 Year Old Virgin is  a piece of shit, would you?

Anyways, Michael Phillips and A. O. Scott (who also goes by Tony) of At the Movies had a segment this past week about overrated and underrated horror movies. Michael started things off with a bang by saying that The Exorcist is overrated. What? He said it was “pretentious” and nothing but a “Catholic freakshow.” Tony seemed just as surprised by this assessment as I was. Sure, The Exorcist is a pretentious freakshow, but it’s so well made with such great performances that I would hardly call it overrated. Later Michael redeemed himself by picking The Decent (which I listed as number three on my top horror movies of the last decade) as a hugely underrated film.

Tony’s picks for overrated and underrated horror films were Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and modern tweener The Final Destination. He called Dracula boring, which I think is an easy potshot since Dracula was made in an era in which, lets face it, all movies were boring (compared to fast moving modern movies anyways). Tony also said that The Final Destination was very cleverly made and, while not great, was not as terrible as everyone says it is, which I agree with.

Even though I disagree with some of their choices, I appreciate the time that the two At the Movies hosts spent suggesting unappreciated horror films. Good job, guys!

Review: How To Train Your Dragon

May 1, 2010

Sometimes, a person just wants to watch some awesome 3D flying dragon sequences. If that is you, then you have come to the right movie, because How To Train Your Dragon is chock-full of awesome 3D flying dragon sequences. Normally, I would feel pretty negative about a movie whose soul reason for existence is some flying sequences, but this one is brisk and fun and well-made.

A village of vikings is constantly being attacked by dragons, and the improbable hero is a scrawny young boy named Hiccup. Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel)  astonishingly captured a dragon using a homemade bow-and-arrow-contraption and even more astonishingly was able to secretly tame and train the flying lizard. Soon the boy and the dragon, who he calls “Toothless,” become friends, and then Hiccup has the tough job of convincing every other villager that dragons are nice and they should stop fighting with them.

Hiccup has a parcel of young training mates: a nerd, a spineless bully, twins who are always bickering, and a tough young girl who is obviously the love interest. These training mates keep things breezy, but Hiccup’s dad is a bit of a downer. This is my main qualm with the entire movie. The father-son relationship brings a bit of unneeded melodrama into an otherwise lighthearted affair. The dad, Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler), is a hefty successful viking who is disappointed in his son. He has many cliche and obviously manipulative  lines of dialogue throughout the movie, including “You’re not my son.” I mean, come on. Can it get any more generically melodramatic than that?

The flying scenes are outstanding. There was swooping, near misses, twirling, and just about every trick in the ocular book. I thought that I might get tired of them after awhile, but I didn’t; and it was impressive how long they held my two-year-old daughter’s attention. When it comes to the flying scenes, you’re really getting your money’s worth.

How To Train Your Dragon is a perfectly acceptable vehicle for abundant flying sequences. If you want more than that, good luck finding it. But if you are happy with nothing more than a bounty of visual dazzlement, then watch it already!

Two Fishbones out of Four