At the Movies Hosts Talk Horror

It’s refreshing to see good critics who have an appreciation for good horror. It irks me when people dismiss all horror films as junk. Every genre has lots of junky movies and some great movies. You just have to know how to keep a lookout for the good ones. You wouldn’t dismiss the entire comedy genre just because The 41 Year Old Virgin is  a piece of shit, would you?

Anyways, Michael Phillips and A. O. Scott (who also goes by Tony) of At the Movies had a segment this past week about overrated and underrated horror movies. Michael started things off with a bang by saying that The Exorcist is overrated. What? He said it was “pretentious” and nothing but a “Catholic freakshow.” Tony seemed just as surprised by this assessment as I was. Sure, The Exorcist is a pretentious freakshow, but it’s so well made with such great performances that I would hardly call it overrated. Later Michael redeemed himself by picking The Decent (which I listed as number three on my top horror movies of the last decade) as a hugely underrated film.

Tony’s picks for overrated and underrated horror films were Bela Lugosi’s Dracula and modern tweener The Final Destination. He called Dracula boring, which I think is an easy potshot since Dracula was made in an era in which, lets face it, all movies were boring (compared to fast moving modern movies anyways). Tony also said that The Final Destination was very cleverly made and, while not great, was not as terrible as everyone says it is, which I agree with.

Even though I disagree with some of their choices, I appreciate the time that the two At the Movies hosts spent suggesting unappreciated horror films. Good job, guys!


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